Nancy Brennan-Jordan, FNP

Nancy Brennan-Jordan

Certified diabetes educator and family nurse practitioner Nancy Brennan-Jordan explains how National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) recognition creates momentum for excellent care among providers and bolsters patient confidence.

Organization: Seton Health

Location: Troy, NY

Number of Patients: Medium



In your view, what are the most important measurements of quality care required by the NCQA Diabetes Recognition Program?

All indicators are important and have value. I am delighted that they have included smoking cessation as one of their key indicators.

How will NCQA recognition help you enable better care for diabetes patients? Are there any specific positive changes in patients’ health outcomes that you are now expecting to see?

NCQA recognition has been achieved by seven of our Seton Health physicians. It is setting the standard and creating momentum for more providers to apply.

Did compiling the data for NCQA’s evaluation help you better organize your patients’ information, or did you already have an electronic record system in place?

Collecting the data was quite challenging. We do not have an EMR. We do utilize flow sheets, but the data collection was very time intensive.

In what ways did you or Seton Health have to adjust its policies or practices in order to achieve NCQA recognition?

There were no policy changes at this time.

In your opinion, what is the overall value of recognition programs for diabetes care? Do they encourage providers to adhere to the most updated standards or routines? Does such recognition make it easier to remember to perform needed tests or take certain measurements?

The overall value of recognition programs for diabetes care is that it helps to validate the good work of our provider teams and serves as a role model for other providers within our system. It also communicates to patients that they are receiving care from a health system which strives for excellence. It enhances the patient-provider relationship.

Any final thoughts?

Our NCQA DRP (Diabetes Recognition Program) was successful because of our Defy Diabetes nurse champion program. We believe that nurses are the glue to a practice and we empowered 14 Defy Diabetes nurse champions within our system. They received three in-services, during which we updated them on the ADA (American Diabetes Association) guidelines and best practices. The nurse champions coordinated the team approach and have a sustainable presence within the practice for continued quality improvement.



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